SAN DIEGO, Cali. —On a small secluded beach in San Diego, the experience was anything but relaxing for some NFL pros.

Saints quarterback and part-time San Diego resident Drew Brees hosted some of his Saints teammates and friends from around the NFL over the summer.


Brees got turned on to the sport when he was a San Diego Charger.

“Some of the most athletic guys, (the) best athletes in the world (feel) really silly when they get on the paddleboard,” Brees said.

The benefits of the workout? It works every muscle in your core.

Many players discovered that there is a learning curve, and that staying in bounds on a football field can be easier than staying on a board in the water.

Receivers Seantavius Jones and Nick Toon were two of Brees’ teammates who joined him in San Diego and gave paddleboarding a shot.

“(It’s) probably one of the hardest things I have done. It’s not easy,” Jones said.

“I grew up snowboarding, skiing and wakeboarding and all that stuff,” Toon said. “So it came a little more naturally to me.”

Because these guys are athletes, competition is included with the outdoor activity.

“They got the hang of it pretty quick, but then it just becomes who can stay on the longest, who can race to the green buoy the fastest, knocking each other off, just messing around. That’s part of the fun,” Brees said.

The activity is also a team-building exercise and a pastime that’s athletic and peaceful.

“There’s really a ton of ways to have fun on a paddleboard,” Brees said. “I’ve fallen in love with it out here in San Diego. I’ve been out there plenty of times and seen dolphins, seen seals — haven’t seen any sharks yet. I’m not sure if I want to roll up on a great white or anything.”


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